Gov. Jay Inslee on Monday will extend the stay-at-home order through May 31 to continue the social distancing strategy against the new coronavirus pandemic.

“We have not won this fight against the virus". Monday’s order will continue a ban on public gatherings. Many businesses will have to remain closed,” he said at a Friday press conference.

Inslee said Washington businesses will reopen in four phases — each one separated by at least three weeks.

The first phase begins May 5th

Here Are The Phases


  1. Mid-May, the state will allow retail curbside pickup, automobile sales and car washes This phase also would allow drive-in spiritual services with one household per vehicle, Inslee said.


  1. Additional expansions of outdoor recreation activities, including camping. Small gatherings of five people or less would be allowed, as well as new construction and in-store retail purchases with health restrictions.Barber shops and salons could reopen. Restaurants could reopen with 50 percent capacity and table size no larger than 5. Pet care services including grooming could resume.


  1. Gatherings up to 50 people or less, including sports activities, would be allowed and non-essential travel would resume. Restaurants could move up to 75 percent capacity and bars at 25 percent capacity; gyms and movie theaters could reopen at 50 percent capacity; retail, libraries, museums and government buildings could reopen. Recreational facilities such as pools could open at 50 percent capacity. Nightclubs and entertainment venues would still not be able to reopen.


  1. The majority of public interactions would resume. Gatherings of more than 50 people would be allowed, but still while practicing social distancing. Nightclubs and entertainment venues would be able to reopen.



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