Authorities in Washington and Oregon are always looking for ways to deal with people who have mental problems. Officials in Portland, Oregon have created a new service to help people called the Portland Street Response.

Local authorities have been working with professionals for years

Police working closely with mental health professionals to help those on the street. It's nothing new to authorities in Yakima.
Since 2018 police officers and sheriff's deputies at the Yakima Police Department, Union Gap Police and Yakima County Sheriff's Office have partnered with Comprehensive Healthcare in an effort to help more people with mental challenges. Yakima Police Capt. Jay Seely says mental health professionals or Designated Crisis Responders work alongside the officers and deputies helping people with mental issues on the spot evaluating people on the street without having to take them to the emergency room or police station to wait for mental health professionals.

The DCR's not only help but also educate officers on the street

Yakima County Sheriff's spokesperson Casey Schilperoort says the Designated Crisis Responders or DCRs can provide officers other alternatives besides Jail for those who suffer from chronic conditions who would be better served by treatment services rather than Jail. Not only do those on the street get help the DCR's also help educate officers on mental illness and substance use disorders, which helps the officers with future contacts. Grant money funds the responders. Six DCR's are now working closely with local authorities.

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