Happy day after Valentine's Day!

I decided to kick off the morning by going to StarCycle Yakima and let me tell you, this morning was a doozy!

Careful Now

When I clipped in my shoes for my very first ride back in October of 2021 I ended up knocking one of my weights off the bike. The person next to me was so kind, she unclipped her shoes and grabbed it for me. I've worked super hard ever since to not lose control of the weights and it's worked fantastic, until this morning!

Ride number 63. I normally get to class with at least 10 minutes to spare, it gives me time to warm up before the ride begins but this morning I had given myself only two minutes. Once you're clipped into the bike, you have to twist your special shoes in order to unclip from the bike and as we're starting. I knocked one of my weights to the ground.

I figured I would just wait until the weight portion of the workout to snag it. It's one of my favorite parts of class because I know that after the weights we have one song left and we are done. I was drenched in sweat when the time arrived. I clipped off my bike with lighting speed, grabbed the weight, and hopped back on the bike. That's when the struggle began.

Another favorite part of my workout is how the lights get turned off during the ride. The only light is from the instructor's laptop containing the playlist and the candles that are burning. When you begin your ride, you can still see the pedals. With the lights off, I could not for the life of me get my shoes clipped back in. It took almost the entire song to do so and with just a bit of time left I reached for my weights to join everyone AND knocked one of the weights back off the bike! Buahaha!

I feel like an earlier version of me would have been so irritated at myself and the entire situation but the new me, 63 rides in me, doesn't seem to care that much. I had a fantastic workout and learned a valuable lesson, leave the weight on the ground in the future.

If you've been searching for a workout, Starcycle Yakima is fantastic and I want you to know in the month of February, Starcycle Yakima is spreading the love. Your first ride is free, you can bring your friend to ride for free with you AND we're giving away a week's worth of rides every week!

Listen to my show Middays with Sarah J and at the end of the hour, you'll hear the Starcycle Yakima song of the day and your cue to call to enter. The phone number is 509-972-1073!

Starcycle Yakima

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