My little Shaylee informed me that she needed to do an interview for a school project. I asked, "who?" She said, "You, mom."

She pulled out her paper with the questions printed on it. She had already filled out the top two questions.

The first one: person's name - she wrote "my mom"
The second one: I am interested in interviewing you because I admire how you - she wrote "take care of me and my brother and still find time to work."

Aw ... my heart filled up with such joy!

As a parent it's important to be a positive role model that your kids look up to and with the boys I think they looked up to their dad more than me. I was the lady who cooked for them, did their laundry, taxied them around and harped on them to do their homework. I kid ... but they did look up to their dad differently then me, which is to be expected.

Also, as a parent it can be difficult to balance everything while making sure that nothing suffers. So far, they think I'm doing a pretty good job of balancing everything.