It seems like you can't have any fun outdoors in Washington State without paying the mosquito toll. Camping, hiking, fishing... just about anything when you're outside you can't even fully enjoy the natural outdoors as you may be busy in your cloud of mosquito repellent.

Well, what about the clothes you are wearing?

Are you wearing a color that mosquitos love?

That may be the issue.

University of Washington did a study to find out which colors mosquitoes gravitate towards as well as which colors they didn't even bother with.

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What colors do mosquitoes love?

If you're spending time outdoors, these are the colors that mosquitoes seem to love.


Cyan? What? Is a mosquito looking at the world through some printer settings? It can only see in that CMKY-whatever color? well, if you're wearing any of those colors while enjoying the outdoors and a group of mosquitoes mistakes you for a buffet, don't blame us. We're just trying to help.

What colors do mosquitoes hate?

Well, hate is a pretty strong word, but these were the colors that mosquitoes seem to avoid.


Of course, mosquitoes by a lot more than just color to find you. They can detect your scent like your breath for CO2 to track you down. Not to say you should hold your breath while doing all of your fun outdoor activities, but if you're planning a trip outdoors you may consider wearing clothing that matches those that mosquitoes seem to disfavor.

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