Gotta love the Central Washington State Fair!  From the food, to the animals, concerts, rides, etc., there is A LOT to do.  The wife & I took the kiddo's to the fair yesterday... we stopped for an adult beverage at one of the many beer garden's they have there.  Across from the beer garden we stopped at was this stunt jump platform.  For $5, you can take the stairs to the top and jump into a big inflatable cushion.  As we were sitting there and watching people do this, we witnessed many a kid get to the lower platform, which was about 12 feet high, and chicken out.  They also had an upper platform that was around 40 feet high.  My daughter wanted to go straight to the top... and SHE DID!  It's almost scary how fearless my 6-year-old is!  Watch her make the jump below.

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