This picture of the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk breaks my heart.The skies are never that omnious brown, black tan color. Ususally it's blue skies and a beautiful views.

I know this. I was born there.

Had many dates there. Went to college there. Rode that uncomfortable Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk wooden roller coaster more times than I can count.

Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk in California Under Ominous smoke

This picture of the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk breaks my heart.The skies are never that omnious brown, black tan color. Usually it's blue skies and a beautiful views.


Spent lots of time on the beach with family and friends. Watched movies being filmed in Santa Cruz (‘Lost Boys’, ‘Us’, ‘Chasing Mavericks’, etc.) – and right now, it’s on fire.


The fires in California are some of the worst in the states history. I have had a number of friends who have had to evacuate. Some only had hours to grab their mementos and get out. It’s gotta be heart wrenching to be asked to leave your place, never knowing if you will ever see your home the same again. When you have no time to grab your most valuable possessions, how do you prioritize that? It’s a horrible position to be in.

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Monterey Fire / Martin Gilbert

My friend Mark Simmons wrote on his Facebook page, “Such a strange feeling to drive away from "your” home not sure it will be there to come back to. Looking at my posts this week and the current stats, and I'm astonished it is 10 times bigger than a couple of days ago (now 40,000 acres+) with even less (7%) containment. It's weird how much lower your sense of control is when you aren't there to watch it.”


The fires aren’t just in Santa Cruz California – they are also in Monterey, Carmel and the fabled Pebble Beach and all over the state. My former home and it’s inhabitants are suffering.

We had friends come home to firetrucks all over the place with orders to evacuate immediately. The flames were just yards away from their door. Scary.

What is at the heart of this? The underbrush that used to be maintained is no longer cared for. States abandoned this procedure due to budget cuts about 20 years ago. This means more fuel for fire. Most of these fires were started by lightning.

Santa Cruz Fire / Courtesy of Manny Solano

Mother Nature always has a way of evening itself out. In this case, it’s fire to burn off the chaff and excess brush.

Horses are freed in the Santa Cruz Mountains

My heart breaks for my hometown of Santa Cruz and Monterey. I wish them all the best. I kinda feel helpless watching from my perch 1,000 miles away. Honestly, it's conflicting – I feel helpless. But at the same time I am relieved that I am not having to deal with evacuations and having to think about what I posessions I would grab on the way out.

Ag workers in the shadow of the Monterey Fires

To the firefighters on the frontlines, we salute you and your efforts.To those evacuated, we are thankful you are safe. Stuff is stuff and most of it can be replaced. In the meantime, we are pulling for you...

All My Best,

The JimShow

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Photo Courtesy of Scott Connelly
Cal Fire
Photo Courtesy of Rebecca Hurst




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