There is just something about the moment when you open up your credit score to check it and you see the green arrow that is pointing up telling you your credit score went up a few points! Poor Gunner has had to hear me talk about this every day for the past week because I am so darn proud of myself ... and if you hang tight, I promise I will have a point to this!

In an effort to be transparent I will wholeheartedly tell you I have not taken care of my credit, and it was not for lack of being taught better or knowing better -- I fully knew better, I just really didn't care. I really had this image in my head that everything would just work itself out and it would be fine. Irresponsible, ABSOLUTELY, and I regret those choices 110%.

So what changed? Well, I knew when I had to buy a new car in 2016 and my interest rate was INSANE that something needed to be done, so I took little steps to fix it here and there. The kicker? When Jordan and I went to buy and house and I realized my six-year-younger boyfriend had better credit than me and that only his name could be on the loan! Talk about a punch to the gut!

What did I do about it? Well for starters, I got a credit card through my credit monitoring site. This card reports monthly to the credit bureau and when payments are made on time it helps tremendously. I also got very diligent about looking at old accounts and making either small payments and or disputing what shouldn't be there. Another thing I started doing is checking my score regularly. I get alerts about any movement on it so I can either fix an issue or celebrate if it's movement in the right direction!

All in all, this last credit score jump in August moved my score up 22 points! That is the biggest jump at once I have had on my credit! WOOHOO!

If you are young and you are reading this, please please please take care of your credit-- because if you don't, I promise it is a long road to getting it fixed. And it really is embarrassing!

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