It just so happens that International Read an eBook day is coinciding with the release of my friend Erin Barbee's book, now available on Amazon. Calendar Girl is the title of her eBook, which you can download for $2.99.

She has been writing this book for quite some time. Yes ... pieces of the book are true life, but it's mainly fiction.

Read the synopsis:

Kennedi Dalton, the nice girl, the funny girl, the girl everyone thinks is so sweet. After a major life change she finds herself jobless and clueless of what direction to take her life. With bills and tuition mounting, her friends find her an assortment of odd jobs until she figures out her next move. Pool girl at the nudist resort, daycare worker at the local gym, office girl at a custom car and motorcycle shop (full of extremely hot guys). In the middle of all that she finds the man of her dreams might not just be a dream anymore. Along with all that comes some dangerous, and scary characters.

I'm so very proud of Erin ... my friend the published author!

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