Spring break in my house means that I still go to bed early, while my kids stay up past their normal bedtime. I normally find dirty dishes in the sink and food wrappers strewn about, but this morning I found this:

Townsquare Media, Michele Mathews
Townsquare Media, Michele Mathews

I have a sneaking suspicion that this change collection campaign has something to do with the fact that my daughter (Shaylee, 10) and son (Jackson, 12) want a dog.

My daughter read the books "A Dog's Purpose'"and "A Dogs Journey." She then conned her dad into taking us to see the movie "A Dog's Purpose," which is what sparked this need for a dog that she and her brother now have. The movie also had all of us in tears!

We live on a busy road and currently have no fenced yard. I told the kids that if they can raise half the money needed to fence part of the yard that we would get a dog.

It wouldn't surprise me if Shaylee talked her older brother into making a Go Fund Me page to raise money for the fence.

What extremes have you gone to in order to raise some cash for something that you wanted?

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