As a lot of people know, I have to wear contacts and I do not ever get new ones. I am really, really bad about it. So last night I thought, "Cheyenne, you should probably order some contacts and take better care of your eyes!" I jumped online and Googled "buy contact lenses online" and of course, 1,800 contacts sites came up. I filled out the information for my prescription and it came out to about $129 for two boxes without insurance. OK, cool. That doesn't seem bad.

Then, I went back to the search page 'cause I needed to shop around and get the best price. I went to contacts direct and put in the same information, but this time I had the option to use insurance! So then I excited because I was going to get a steal of a deal, right? WRONG! In fact, it was only $20 cheaper to run my contacts through insurance on Contactsdirect. I get it, $20 is $20, but at what point is it worth running my contacts through insurance?

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