It’s another relationship indicator. Previously I chronicled Lisa and I relationship hit that comfort level where she pops the blemishes on my sexy body. That was soooooo two months ago. Now, it’s possible joint bank accounts.

Throughout my previous marriage, we had separate bank accounts. She took care of her bills, I took care of my bills. It worked. Then there was that Amazon spending habit that got a bit outta control. How many iPhone charging cords does one need anyway? Apparently 10 wasn’t enough.

JP Morgan Chase Quarterly Profits Falls 4 Percent

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I suggested we get a joint account. It never happened.

I don't think it's wrong, but which is more common and why do married couples have separate finances? For us it was I had previous bills and so did she. So it kinda made sense, but I always wrestled with the "For better or worse, richer or poorer" thing that we vowed.

I recently read "Millennials are keeping their finances separate from their spouses at twice the rate of Generation Xers and baby boomers." What is the reason for this? Trust? Independence? I am not sure.

Aided By Rising Interest Rates, Bank Of America Q2 Profit Rises 33 Percent

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So Lisa and I are having that debate. My bank is Comerica based on the West Coast. I loved it because it was local and they called me by name every time I stepped in there. I still have that account and since most of my banking is online or through the app, I don’t have a need to go into one much. Lisa has an account with a large corporate bank that she has had for years. And there’s the quandary. We are thinking about getting an account at Cashmere Valley Bank and keeping hers open for savings.

Wells Fargo To Lay Off 700 Bank Employees As Part Of Cost-Cutting Measures
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So the debate continues. Should we get a joint account? Or keep it separate? What’s your experience?

Let the debate commence!


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