Monday is your day off, or at least we hope so! Monday, February 21 is a national holiday to recognize President's Day. As a result you won't be getting any business done at the bank or the post office Monday because they're closed for the holiday. All state and federal offices are closed Monday.

Lots of business offices will be closed for the day

City and county offices are closed as well. That means city officials say that includes City Hall, Y-PAC, Public Works, and Parks and Recreation offices. Emergency services always continue but business offices for the Police and Fire Departments will be closed.

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If you ride the bus you'll have to find another ride Yakima Transit won't be rolling buses on Monday. The City’s Harman Center will be closed, as will the Tahoma Cemetery office. Many businesses however are open Monday some even having sales for the Holiday.
If Monday is your garbage day garbage pick-up service will continue as scheduled Monday, but the Refuse Division’s office will be closed.

Monday starts a week of very cool temperatures in the Valley

If you get your daily exercise at Lions Pool it'll be open on Monday for your swimming enjoyment. The holiday starts a cold week in Yakima in which the forecast calls for winter temperatures especially overnight temperatures. The forecast calls for highs in the 20's and 30's with near single digit lows. In fact Tuesday's high will be 24 and the low is forecast for 9 degrees.

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