"The tale of the tape" is a common boxing term, but in the Morning Bullpen's case it's become how large a man's biceps are when measured by Michele. It started last month when Keith Anderson was in Yakima and Rik got to wondering how big Anderson's biceps actually were.

Michele wondered, too, so she decided to check for herself. She measured Anderson's arm onstage at his concert at the Seasons Performance Hall. (You can watch it here.)

Then, Friday morning -- as we were preparing for two days of the PBR Blue Def Velocity Tour -- we interviewed announcer Matt West. When Michele got a look at his arms, she talked him into letting her measure them.

How'd he stack up? Well, not that it matters, but by Michele's math, Matt has bigger biceps than Keith Anderson.

Tickets are still available for the PBR at the Yakima Valley SunDome's Box Office or Ticketswest.com

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