Get in my belly! Every time I see pizza, even if I have already eaten, I will grab a slice and this is my mantra! Pizza covers all the food groups, would you agree? There are so many different styles of pizza and places to enjoy it, each one unique, and Yakima, we are in for another one! Keep your eyes peeled for Flame & Brew Wood-Fired Pizza!

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Matt Uhlman
Set to open in November the about on their social reads
Love Pizza? New Woodfired Pizza and Brews Spot to Open in Yakima

Eagle-Eyed Pizza Lovers Already Know

It's almost like you can spot a new restaurant a mile away, that's what I feel about Matt Ulhman. A local foodie who always has his pulse on the rumblings of the food offerings in Yakima, WA! He sent me the above photo and I had to check out the details!

Flame & Brew Wood-Fired Pizza

From Flame & Brews Facebook Page
Doesn't she look delicious? I wonder what they'll name her!

The Details

From their active Facebook Page Flame & Brew is they are located at 302 W Nob Hill Blvd, Yakima, WA, United States, 98902 and are set to open sometime in November!

We absolutely love making pizza and have been for a couple years and wanted to bring authentic wood fired pizza to Yakima and offer it at a great price all while having a fun vibe with many beers, seltzers, ciders to choose from! We will also have a couple of TVs so our customers can watch sport games as well! Other than pizza we will have many appetizers as well like salads, wings, cheese bread. One of our top desserts will be our pizookie! We hope to open by mid to late November we just don’t have an exact date at this moment. - Flame & Brew

Their sign was just put into place these past 24 hours so the buzz is real and the excitement is beginning to build!

Fun Fact

Wood fired pizza is also healthier than other types of pizzas because it contains less oil and doesn't require you to preheat your oven before hand like other frozen pizzas do. Wood fired pizza can cook up fast as well, so if you're looking for something quick this might be just what you need!

Best of luck to Flame & Brew as you gear up for your grand opening! Can't wait to taste it all!

Flame & Brew Wood-Fired Pizza

Hoptown Wood-Fired Pizza

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