With World Cider Day happening in June (it was on June 3rd) Blake's Hard Cider is finally available in Washington State.

This has been a long time coming as Blake's Hard Cider was previously only available to the midwest and east side of the United States.

What Blake's does to try and separate them from others is an attempt to bring innovation to the cider game.

Their most popular is the Triple Jam. A three-berry cider with strawberry, blackberry, and raspberry.
They also have a cherry limeade which is sure to be a hit.

If you'd just like a standard apple cider, they do make an American Apple Imperial Hard Cider which is anything but traditional boasting an 8% ABV.

Blake's Hard Cider is based in the Midwest from Michigan. I know what you're thinking; we have our own ciders right here in Washington and especially in the Yakima Valley since we grow our own apples. What can they bring that we can't?

That, I can't truly answer, but I can say that we have all the hops for beer and I've been to Michigan several times and the beer they're producing is some of the best I've had so if Michigan knows how to brew a beer, you can best be sure they can make a great cider as well.

And nobody does it better in the Midwest than Blake's.

From Andrew Blake, founder of Blake's Hard Cider:

"Cider is so diverse. We’re excited to complement the robust cider scene in Washington with our lineup. Washington loves cider. Imperial and fruit-flavored cider are the favorites here, and we’re excited to bring Blake’s fruit-forward ciders to complement the diverse cider scene in the PNW.”

Blake's Hard Cider as been ranked in the Top 10 for cideries in the United States. It'll be nice to see what the hype is all about when you see this start showing up in stores.

So far, using the Blake's Cider Finder you can find this at Rosauers, Fred Meyer, and The Kiln on 72nd.
But more stores may follow sooner than later.

It'll be a chance to give everyone in the Northwest a taste of their fruit-forward flavored ciders.

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