One good thing about the pandemic was that it got more places to close for the holidays. I admit I've gone to the store on the actual holiday. I know the whole "If no one would show up, then the stores wouldn't be open, and employees could be at home with their families." I can see how that could be true in the grand scheme of things. I've also experienced the other side of the coin.

Some people enjoy working during the holidays for one reason or another. The holiday pay helps. It gets them out of the house or gives them a reason to avoid family obligations they'd rather not attend. For some people, the workplace is a second home; they love their job, and it just might be happier than their home life. We really don't know what's happening in an individual's life, so if you choose to shop on Thanksgiving (or ANY DAY OF THE YEAR, FOR THAT MATTER), be friendly and respectful.

Two other reasons why I've decided to shop on a holiday. One, I've worked at a place where it was dead, the hours DRAGGED ON AND ON! If it was busy, the day went by faster. Two, let's stop beating around the bush, the sales. So if you do plan to head out for Black Friday shopping on the Thursday holiday (maybe that's a family tradition since 2008), here are (some of) the stores in Yakima and around, that will be open on Thanksgiving in no particular order (hours subject to change).

Fred Meyer (1206 N 40th Ave)

Big Lots (120 N Fair Ave)

Cabela's (1400 E Washington Ave)

Dollar General (10410 Us Highway 12, Naches)

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Old Navy (1716 E Washington Ave)

Rite Aid (3 Locations, Nob Hill, 9th Ave, & Valley Mall)

Sears (9 E Valley Mall Blvd) (NOTE: Might Be Closed Since The Store is In The Process of Closing It's Union Gap Location)

Walgreens (3 Locations, Yakima Ave, Summitview & Nob Hill)

Safeway (3 Locations, Nob Hill, Summitview, & 5th Ave)

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