In a recent video, Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis mention one of their favorite past times recently is to do virtual hangouts with friends and enjoy a glass (or few) of wine. That's when they had the idea to come up with a wine that you can write someone's name on the bottle's label to toast to them. Neat!

Nocking Point, where this wine comes from, is a family-based winery out of Walla Walla.

100% of profits from this wine go straight to COVID-19 response organizations.

GiveDirectly who help families in need.
Direct Relief for medical equipment to EMS and frontline workers
Frontline Responders Fund for ventilators to medical facilities
America's Food Fund for safe access to food in the United States.

This isn't their first celebrity collaboration. They also did a 'Bit of the Bubbly' with Chris Jericho.

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