The last time the Seattle Seahawks competed in the Super Bowl, Super Bowl XXXXlX specifically, they possessed a season record of 6 wins and 3 losses at this point in the season. It occurs to me today, that the Seahawks are currently 6 -3, as are their fellow NFC West competitors - the Los Angeles Rams and the Arizona Cardinals.

The Hawks are coming off what was truly their worst performance of the season on Sunday, notching their 3rd loss of the 2020 campaign against those Rams. One of the other two losses came a few weeks ago when they fell to the Cardinals in Arizona. For these reasons, Thursday Night's matchup with AZ takes on particular importance.

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So, am I saying that since we're 6-3, the Seahawks are most assuredly headed back to the Super Bowl? Not exactly. I am saying that it is certainly possible and that we 12's should not lose hope after a couple of rough weeks. We must keep in mind, we've endured several injuries in key positions, and our MVP candidate quarterback had a lousy game. Expect them to bounce back big Thursday evening in Prime Time.

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Speaking of the Super Bowl, are you saving your nickels and dimes in case the Seahawks do represent the NFC in the big game? Better start with larger denominations of currency, as ticket prices for the game in Tampa, Florida are going to sell for record prices. Yahoo Sports has been reporting that since the crowd size will be much smaller, the ticket prices will need to be larger so that the NFL can still make bank.

How much more money can you expect to pay for a ticket? The report from Yahoo Sports says $10 K to $12 K - and maybe more, depending upon which teams are on the field. Well, I should say, other than the Seahawks, who the AFC will have representing.

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