I have been waiting for this day for so long, the day of the release of the music video, "I Wanna Love Ya" by local celebrity, M-Status.

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I have known him for years and once even judged a "Yakima's Got Talent"-style talent show with him at The Seasons Performance Hall and we were also judges during a karaoke competition at a local bar. This song is the first single from his fourth album, "Where I Wanna Be".

Keeping this music video a secret from everyone I know (except for my daughter, Willow) for the past few weeks has been a BEAST for me, especially since I sometimes have a big mouth. Okay, let's be real, I usually let secrets slip from my tongue all of the time, but somehow, I was able to keep this bit of gossip completely hush-hush.

In my former life before arriving in Yakima to become a radio host and programmer, I was a seatfiller for award shows, a red carpet correspondent, an audience member in a CMT music special (it featured country singer Brad Paisley and Jessica Andrews), and I've been a model before. Never have I been in a music video before, so this was an exciting adventure for me.

I was asked to play the role of a house party DJ in the music video, as seen above. The video was filmed over several days, both at a private home in Selah and on a street location over on the West side of the mountains. The video features cameos by a few "Yakima celebrities" and one major celebrity cameo is also contained in it. I will not spoil the video for you because I hate it when people spoil surprises for me!

The artist representation is managed by Sol Trevino, a local celebrity in her own right. She is the owner of She Bully Events and Sol4Real. The cinematography was done by Stevan Chase, a Perry Technical Institute graduate. I love that M-Status chose local talent to produce and star in his video. Personally, I hope this song becomes a hit and that it will make the jump to mainstream radio! It was such a blast to be a part of this music video and I am grateful for the chance to play "myself" in the role!

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