You may or may not recall the story we did on the mysterious recirculating air button in your car a few weeks ago. The story was about that button on your climate control system in your car, that allows air to recirculate in your car when the AC in on. That article reminded us our cars run better, more efficient and cools your car quicker when this button is on.

Plus it adds another layer of filtering – something that comes in handy when there is smoke in the air.


Well, now that the skies are affected with smoke from the Evans Canyon Fire, it’s a good reminder to engage this button in your car to further protect you from particulates from the fire when driving around town. It will help filter out smoke and bad stuff in the air in your car. Do it! Push that button!


It’s also a good time review basic ways of managing the fallout from this fire – both at home and in your car.

Even if you or someone you know does NOT have respiratory issues, you might want to take these practical steps while the fire is active and smoke is in the air to protect you. Give these tips a shot.

  1. Stay indoors and keep windows and doors closed.

If you have Air Conditioning that is optimal as your AC unit will filter out another layer of particulates.

If you don’t have AC and are using portable, window or box fans, have them blowing the air OUTSIDE instead of inside. In other words, most of the time we have our fans drawing in air from the outside, to inside. In this case, you are doing the opposite – drawing inside air to the outside. We tend to think of fans as just “blowers”. But in reality, they are both a vacuum and blower at the same time. Fans just redirect air. Sucking the air out of your house will help lessen the particulates.

  1. You can place wet towels at the bottom your doors or where outside air can seep in.

Moisten the towel and lay it at the crack of your door or where air comes in from the outside. Wetting it makes the towel denser and harder for smoke to get in. This is an old fireman’s trick and works well to help keep smoke out of your house.

  1. If you can swing it, get a home air purifier.

This helps suck particulates from the air using multi-stage filtering for most units. If you can find one with a HEPA filter, BONUS! This can also help with allergies and can help suck up most viruses including the ‘Rona virus. I have a WINIX unit and it has helped me tremendously with my allergies. It also helps get rid of unwanted smells in your house. You know, like smoke.


Hope one or all of these work for you. Be safe ya’ll. This fire will pass soon, as will ‘Rona.


All My Best,

The JimShow

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