Yakim is filled with local cuisine and even some big franchise names. However, some of the larger-name places still have yet to invest in the Yakima Valley. This is a list of 3 Restaurants that should be looking to open some locations here.

Some may be fast food, but that doesn't take away from the delicious food we're craving out here. Let us know if you agree or have a favorite spot you wish was in Yakima.

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4.) Del Taco

You have not lived until you've chowed down on Del Taco's crispy chicken tacos, well I mean you have but you haven't tasted some of the best fast food out there.

They don't stop at tacos, they're also amazing at burgers, churros, fries, milkshakes, nachos, and a laundry list more! There are multiple places this would fit perfectly in, I'm partial to putting it on Nob Hill.

3.) Chilli's

Washington isn't big on the chillis franchise. But the few times I've had it visiting family and friends out of state I can assure you we're missing out. Their Chicken/Seafood pasta is to die for. They even have tasty sliders that go quick when you're sharing them with the table. When it comes to happy hour I just don't know if anyone does it better.

2.) Ivar's Seafood Bar

Ivar's is a staple of Western Washington, franchised all along the PNW but somehow Yakima doesn't have one. No one does fish and chips better, their clam chowder bread bowls are undefeated and their smoked salmon meal will leave your ordering two next time. I couldn't picture a better place for them to open than Union Gap!

1.) Cheesecake Factory

We're all guilty of indulging in sweet treats, especially when it comes to Cheesecake, but have you truly lived without trying it fresh from the Cheesecake factory? Sweet treats aren't all they do, some of the most delectable entrees like Thai Coconut fried chicken, Fish tacos, Miso salmon, or their ribeye steak cooked medium rare of course. This was one of my birthday spots where we went every year. It's one of the best spots on the west side!

Hopefully, these franchises wise up and start opening places around the Yakima valley! Did you see your favorite place that's yet to come to our little slice of Washington? If not send us a message so we can update our list!


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