Lisa and I love game night. We are both competitive and a good challenge. So when we saw this on Facebook earlier this week, we had to give it a try.

It's the classic 'Rock, Paper, Scissors' game or 'Ro Sham Beaux'. But with a twist.

RSP2020 2

The twist involves household items, specifically your fridge. It's simple and so much fun, I woke up sore from laughing so much the next morning. Here's how it works.

Be warned - it gets messy, but soooooo worth it!

First, you'll need a sturdy table. We used our dinner table.

You'll need a pillow, a big towel, flour, ketchup, mustard, chocolate, syrup, etc.

Extra towels for clean-up.

RSP2020 3

John & Rosie are our awesome friends from Naches. Rosie and I grew up together and they are perfect to play 'Rock, Paper, Scissors 2020', or 'RPS2020'

We played two on two until a victor was declared.

This video was the result and it was a BLAST!

Congrats to John! Lisa was a formidable opponent!


This is great drinking game. And as you can see, so much fun. You can take shots after you win or lose. Or play however you want. You get to dunk your opponents head in the pillow after you win your round!


This is how I found out mustard stings the inside of your nostrils. RPS 2020 is so much fun to play. Keep in mind, it's messy. But sooooooo worth it. Best to be played outside if possible.

I woke up the next morning with my stomach hurting I laughed so much!

Would love to see the pics when you play! Congrats again John!

All My Best,

The JimShow

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