The Omicron variant is in the United States and is more contagious than the normal Covid-19. News coming from Western Washington showing schools closing their doors after Christmas break could become a trend around the state.

As of now, no school has announced an indefinite shutdown but multiple schools around the state are going to be taking a small break to see if we can't slow down the rate at which it's spreading.

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Multiple universities around Washington have announced that classes will resume after Christmas break but will be taken online. Due to the rapid spread of the virus, people assume more of the local school will be following suit. What does this mean for you?

Well if schools do get shut down again, children will need to attend school online. We learned from the past this can be a rewarding hit or an extreme miss. Either way, kids should be prepared for the worst.

As for parents, this means you'll need to find someone to supervise your children under the age of 12 to make sure they're safe at home. If we're lucky this is a small slip-up with covid-19 and not an entire reset. Businesses can no longer afford another shutdown, restaurants, ma and pa shops along with other locals may lose their jobs if this continues to grow out of control.

Medical officials are suggesting to get vaccinated and mask up before we're stuck at home once again. Moderna and Pfizer have both done the research to show the variants are indeed covered in their vaccines and are your best hope to avoid contracting the new viruses. If you've received a covid vaccine and it's been 6 months or longer you'll want to look into getting a booster.

We can all stay safe by doing our parts and avoiding another state-wide shutdown.

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