Just when you think you've got a solid plan, things change. Ask the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Las Vegas Raiders. Those two teams, one of which is led by the quarterback who many believe is the GOAT, Tom Brady, and the other whose firey coach made a name for himself first with the Raiders of old, and then the Buccaneers and a Superbowl victory, Jon Gruden, will have to get out of bed a little earlier Sunday morning.

The NFL sets its schedule at the beginning of the season but frequently does what is called 'flexing' of the schedule, as the season goes on and it becomes obvious that another game between better teams would be a more fitting matchup for a National Prime-Time broadcast and Sunday Night Football. If you're a Seattle Seahawks fan, sleep in Sunday and cancel your Sunday evening plans.

Seattle Seahawks v Carolina Panthers
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The NFC West matchup for week 7 between the Seahawks (5-0) and the Arizona Cardinals (4-2), was scheduled for a 1:05 PM Sunday afternoon matchup. The league, obviously trying to capture maximum ratings this season, realized that arguably the hottest and one of a couple of teams still undefeated, Seahawks, matched up against the NFC West rival Cardinals who boast a solid record, would be a much better contest.

So, as a Seahawks fan, how do you feel about this development? Are you bummed because you had dinner plans Sunday which will now have to be canceled or changed? Do you enjoy a beer or six during the game, and fear that a Sunday evening game might make Monday morning foggier at work than it needs to be? Or, are you like me, and feel proud that the Seahawks are finally beginning to get the respect that they deserve? This is the first time the Seahawks have started a season at 5-0 in franchise history. In the Superbowl 48 winning-season, we went 4-1 in the first 5 games. I'm hoping for win #6 this weekend!

Super Bowl XLVIII - Seattle Seahawks v Denver Broncos
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So, wear your Seahawk Blue tomorrow and make your plans for pre-game snacks! In fact, tomorrow and Saturday, look for some Super-Popular game-winning snack recipes I'll be sharing that will set your Gametime hosting to the next level.

Screenshot via YouTube & Chris Loves Julia 'How to Craft the Perfect Charcuterie Board' Video
Screenshot via YouTube &
Chris Loves Julia 'How to Craft the Perfect Charcuterie Board' Video


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