I keep hearing these gloom and doom statements from the worlds best scientists about the future of our natural resources and our way of life. I think we all have to understand the simple math that comes with science. The worlds population is growing, pretty quickly and based on projections we should hit 9 Billion by 2060! What does that mean in real terms? It's funny in America how we as a people only act in times of crisis, and what I mean by that is until there's a real problem that directly effects our lives we are content just doing our thing.


Now my biggest concern is not oil or other energy sources, we should be able to figure a few things out by 2060. I mean really, we have electricity and incredible infrastructure so we should be able to figure out creative ways to sustain our energy needs. What I'm worried about is Water and Seafood. We all need H2O to survive and I'm not sure I could live without Chilled Dungeness Crab. Of course I'm kidding around but there is one reason why I eat as much seafood as I can now. We are overfishing and in a supply and demand market we will soon be paying a premium on our favorite seafood. Seafood is already expensive and every chance I get I order it. My favorite Crab cocktail locally is from Gasperetti's and is has more to do with the healthy portion and John's homemade cocktail sauce. On a hot summer day like this the cool restaurant and crab cocktail is just what I needed! Enjoy the summer sun!

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