I've been talking on the air about buying a gun for awhile and being a novice at gun ownership, I needed to find a place to go to get information about purchasing a firearm...and I found it!

Smith and Wesson Days are coming to The Range Friday and Saturday so luckily I can go there and ask questions and get demonstrations on the new pistol line they offer from Smith and Wesson.

It's the Smith and Wesson Try It Before You Buy Event starting Friday at 11am and going through Saturday.

U.S. Gun Sales Reach Record Levels In 2012
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A Representative from Smith and Wesson will be demonstrating the new 2.0 pistol line.

You can come check out the line, each Shooter will get 10 rounds of ammo,eye and ear protection, 1 target and a free lane to try out any 2.0 pistol.

You can also purchase a pistol and get $50 in store credit.

If you need more details, contact The Range at (509) 571-1449 and I'll see you out there Friday.


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