Many people knew Doug Bettarel as the owner of Bettarel Auto Sales in Yakima. For many years Bettarel was a advertiser on KIT Radio and so many heard his voice each week.

Doug always wanted to do what he could to honor vets

Most of the time he wouldn’t sell cars but would rather use his time to say thank you or highlight the struggles of friends and fellow veterans. Bettarel died on September 19 but his legacy of helping veterans lives on. Bettarel lived to help his fellow veterans. He held a special event every year at Bettarel Auto Sales in which he told his staff to not sell a vehicle but instead help and honor Yakima veterans. That event won't be held the dealership this year but rather at the Yakima VFW on Veterans Day, Thursday November 11.

A free lunch is planned for local veterans in honor of Bettarel

A special lunch for veterans is planned from 11:30 am to 1:00 pm. Don and Kim Mittlieder, owners of Kim's Got Smoke BBQ will be serving the free lunch in honor of Doug Betteral. Non-vets are welcome to enjoy a special $13 lunch with the proceeds going back to help the Yakima VFW Post 379. The Mittlieders say it just a simple way of remembering Bettarel and a great way to say thank you to Yakima veterans.

So while the annual event won't be at the dealership this year many veterans will be honored at the Yakima VFW post with a great lunch and lots of memories of Doug Bettarel who lived his life to help and serve those who gave everything for the freedom of America.

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