Taco Bell is secretly testing a new menu of sriracha-flavored food items. (Sorry, reading that sentence just made me spit out my morning coffee and say, "Whooo, child. YUCK!")

According to InvestorsPlace.com and the comments on a Taco Bell subreddit, the parent company that owns Taco Bell, TB restaurants in Kansas City, Mo., have added to the menu "Sriracha Nachos Supreme, the Sriracha Quesarito, the breakfast Sriracha Scrambler Burrito, the Sriracha Loaded Griller and the Sriracha Taco. Customers can also add Sriracha to any item on the menu."

Hmmm, has Taco Bell gone too far? Did they just lose the right to be called "YUM" Brands? Or should they hereby be known as "NOT YUMMY" Brands? LOL

Do You Want Taco Bell to bring the Sriracha Menu to Yakima?
Yes! Get in my belly!
No way!
I don't eat at Taco Bell.

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