As Black Friday and its online sibling Cyber Monday approach, here are some websites that provide information on what products to buy, when to buy them and assurance that you’re not missing a deal. If you’re at the starting point and not sure exactly which digital camera or espresso machine to buy, this site can help. The site pulls professional and consumer reviews from across the web to come up with the best reviewed products. It also offers tips to help you determine when you’re getting a good deal and when a product might not be worth purchasing. Once you know exactly what brand and model you’re looking for, head to this site to find the best deal. It runs a combined search for coupons and online deals to find the best overall bargains. Users can click the link to the recommended site to make the purchase online, or can head to a store armed with information for in-person comparison shopping. This site focuses on consumer electronics, gadgets, shoes and clothing. It scans stores for shoppers and directs them to online bargains. Search for a particular item and the site will present the best deals available online. It also includes a special tab listing Black Friday advertisements for dozens of stores. DealNews offers iPhone and Android apps as well. When’s the best time to buy electronics? This site uses data to determine factors like when a new model might be on the way, helping shoppers to avoid purchasing a soon-to-be outdated gadget, and predicts when prices will move up and down. Users can also sign up for price alerts on products they’re interested in. Shoppers with smartphones can use its mobile site for help with making purchase decisions at stores.

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You can also follow online specials at various Cyber Monday websites, including,, and

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