Dog Rises From The Grave, Literally
A homeless dog in Moses Lake was recently hit by a car. The person who hit him thought that mercy-killing the dog with a hammer and burying it would fix everything. Well, as it turns out, this dog did not want to die.After all that has happened with this dog, it arose from the grave and went to a nearby farm...
Siberian Husky Sings To Baby, Works Like A Charm [VIDEO]
I have a Great Dane and my dog is the best. When my kids are unruly or screaming he jumps up and down and starts barking to let them know that you can't do that. He isn't mean he just is very verbal. One day my youngest child was crying in a sad way and he went up, hugged her and gave her a howl as if everything was going to be OK. I wish I would have got that on video. But, someone did.
Now that's a love story
On Valentine's Day, you hear all about the love two people have for one another. Well, let's not forget the love a person can have for a pet.
Dog Shows Emotions on Command
Most people teach their cute dog cute tricks like roll over. They may teach attack dogs to, well, attack. This guy decided it would be fun to teach his German Shepherd emotions by just using words.

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