If I seem a little tired on the morning show lately it's all the Mariners' fault! It's not because they are doing so well and I want to stay up to watch the game. OK, it's partly that. But because I don't want to jinx them.

It all started a while back, I would be watching a game with them leading so I would drift off to sleep thinking they had it in the bag. Well, as you know, in baseball anything can happen. I would wake up the next morning to check the final score and discover they had in fact lost.

Everyone started to blame me for falling asleep. So what does any lifelong Mariners fan do? You take one for the team and stay awake.

I have friends who believe during football season that they need to make the same dish in their crock-pot or wear the same jersey for each game.

Do you have a sports superstition?

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