Welcome to Episode #7 of: 'Tater Thoughts': Musings of a Golden Retriever.

From the fertile mind of Tater Tot Stephenson, the golden retriever member of the Stephenson family. (By the way, for the record, my mind is all that is fertile, following the neutering incident of 2020).

Now, before you start judging me for allowing a month to have gone by since my last brilliant writing, I need to remind you that while I signed-on to do one article per week, he-who-is-with-opposable-thumbs or Dad, is the one responsible for the delay. He claims he's been 'busy' at 'work'. Same excuse for not taking me fishing, letting me demonstrate my 'hunting dog' prowess and far too infrequent trips to the dog park.      But, I digress.

Today, after finally convincing Dad to take some pictures of this very eligible bachelor, I have some sequential fun configured for you. We begin with my 'blessed blankey'. I know that all of my Golden Retriever bretheren and most canines will understand. When we get attached to our 'blankey' - that cozy thing which helps us to cope with our mamas not being around - it's hard to give it up. So, I say, why give it up?

This series of photos demonstrates a couple of things: first, my mom and dad displaying how 'chewed up' my blankey is.

Then, how much I love said blankey.

Oh, this toy that Dad got at Yakima Co-Op has been a really big hit. He's teasing me.

Yes, I am a natural Seahawk Fan. I have my own personalized 'Stephenson Seahawk' jersey. Don't try to talk to me or show me toys during the game. I'm transfixed, just like any true '12'.

My final word on this report: Covid, social unrest, smoke from fires, and human hysteria - ugghh! Why can't they just leave it up to us dogs?! We're always just a sniff away from world peace.

Tater Out!

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