I remember growing up, how my grandma disliked tattoos. I'm not sure if that subliminally stuck with me, but I've never had a tat. I'm by no means against them. I just personally haven't wanted to get one.

Until maybe now ...

You can now get a tat that plays an audio clip. Yep -- that's right. It plays an audio clip. It can play the clip of your favorite song or a recording of a loved one's voice. Maybe your dogs bark? Fingernails on the chalkboard? Yep ... anything that has a sound.

Here's how it works: an app by Skin Motion allows you to record or upload audio that is then turned into an audio file. Once the sound wave is designed, the next step is to get the tattoo. After the tat heals, you scan it and it will play back on the app.

What song or sound would you have tattooed?

(And no, mine would not be a Sam Hunt song)

My audio tat would be of my first dance with my husband, which happens to be from the first movie we went to see on a date  -- Bryan Adams' "Everything I Do I Do It For You." Or the sound of my grandma's voice. Whenever I miss her I could just play the app on my tattoo.

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