You know how the best part of the cinnamon roll is the very middle? Well, there's a place that sells warm, fresh cinnamon rolls where the entire cinnamon roll is basically the middle. They're cost efficient, loaded with all the stuff you love about cinnamon rolls and they're available right here in Yakima.

The place in question is a little caffe on the corner of 11th and Yakima avenue. Appropriately titled Caffe 11th Avenue. That way you won't miss it!

I stopped by to grab a morning coffee shortly after watching YouTube tutorial videos on how to make my own cinnamon rolls. Well, that seemed like a lot of work so I didn't bother making my own but was still in the mood for one so I asked if they happen to sell them there, which they did. I'm glad I asked!

Admittedly, I ordered two. Y'know, just in case.

I'm glad I did.

I thought it was neat that they both came in their own individual containers. That way you're not stuck with a mashed, sticky ball of dough that you have to contend with.

Upon opening the box, I found this perfectly round, soft, sweet, gentle looking innocent cinnamon roll. Some of the icing slipped off the sides as I figured would happen having a warm cinnamon roll going on a 5 minute commute back to work with me. I didn't wanna get my hands sticky so using a fork I was easily able to cut into it to take a bite. I even went the extra mile and swabbed it with some of that excess icing that was pooled at the bottom.

It was about as perfect as I can imagine. Light, flavorful, perfect ratio of cinnamon to sweetness.

So many places, especially big-box cinnamon roll type establishments give you a cinnamon that may be twice the size, but the outer-edges are dry, tough and quite honestly almost unpalatable. Still, however, you still feel compelled to eat it because you just payed $5 or more on it. The middle may be fine and the icing may be good, but the icing shouldn't be the best part of a cinnamon roll. They should all work together, not overpower each other.

This place, Caffe 11th Avenue, had this perfectly sized cinnamon roll (I didn't need both, but I ate them anyways) and for half the price. I don't know the exact price but my coffee was about $4 and with two cinnamon rolls the total came to just over $9. Have to figure they're about $2.50 each. A perfectly reasonable price to rent an escape from the worries we're dealing with at the moment and indulge yourself, if even for a few moments. You deserve it.

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