In 24 days, my daughters and Lisa’s son Christian, (who is 24) will be arriving for Christmas for a visit at our home in Yakima. We are excited. They will be here for 4 days.

We are getting the carpets cleaned and finishing up projects before they get here for maximum comfort. Part of our preparation is trying to figure out how to entertain them while they are here. We have a paint night set up along with a game night.

But we are challenged by a couple things. What will be open? Can we do things outdoors with the weather here properly? What is one to do with 20 somethings in Yakima? What do they need to see while here? What attractions should we take them to see here in Yakima?


Hopefully Yakima will be opened up for the holidays (he said, crossing his fingers). So, what we are trying to figure out is, ideally, in a Non-Covid world, I am asking for your recommendation - what are the must do’s/must sees that our children should experience here in Yakima? What places best represent the Yakima Valley if things were "normal"?

Is the Arboretum open?  Even that has its down side with weather. We might go to The Range and fire off some rounds. What else should we do? I really want our children to see the best of Yakima. So we would love your recommendations for our children’s visit.


Looking forward to hearing from you on this!


All My Best,

The JimShow

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