We've all been late to work for one reason or another...here are the top answers from the 92.9 the Bull Facebook page! Funny Stuff!

Roberta Velasquez: I was driving my niece to school and she got sick on me....so had to go home and reshower...

Patricia Ann Jaime: I was talking 2 my Mom & it's long distance n u can't b rude 2 ur Mother

Tom Trepanier: The one I have heard is the "traffic was bad!" ...really? lol

Chris Harmon: Had a eye problem....couldn't see going to work that day:)

Katrina Lindsey-Bumgarner: Being in HR and an Office Mgr. I think I have heard them all but I think the best one is when an employee calls in and says they have diarrhea and to follow you hear the toilet flush!!! Way to make it real guys..LOL

Christina Bassani: When I had my old Honda, one morning my doors were frozen shut and I couldn't get into my car. I had to crawl in through the back hatch.

Give us your best excuse for being late for work!