The Washington State Fair is here, I've got a list of foods you need to try and your tastebuds will thank you for. I grew up as a fair kid and one more than most. Since my family actually worked at the Washington state fair growing up I'm pretty sure I've tried every fair food possible. I'll get into what fair foods you need to try at the Washington State Fair.

Some I'm sure you've had but you'd be surprised at some of thing things people have never tried. If you're on a diet I warn you, you may have to use your cheat day at the fair this year, once you've seen the list.

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The Krusty Pup

If you're a corndog enthusiast you've probably sunk your teeth into a Krusty pup, if you haven't let me tell you what you're missing, freshly deep-fried, batter wrapped around the most delicious hot dog in the world...well in my opinion. Krusty Pups have been around for a while and they know what they're doing.

Fisher Scones

This one is an absolute must every year at the fair, don't believe me go check out the line at the end of the year. Better yet make sure you get in line the minute you get thru the gates because you can do a baker's dozen and freeze what you don't eat the day of. Their scones are flakey, buttery, and have the perfect amount of jam in the middle. This tasty warm treat needs to be tried before the fair closes, you're not gonna wanna wait another year for them.

Deep-Fried Oreos

Deep-fried anything is a way to get on this list if I'm being honest but deep-fried Oreos may just have your tastebuds thanking you for going out on a limb and trying something new. Deep-fried Oreos are heaven in every bite and you can get it in multiple areas of the fair.

Earthquake Burger

These burgers are about the size of my head, juicy, and filled with flavor in every bite. If this thing doesn't fill you up then the brick of fries will. They make the fries fresh from whole potatoes that they spiral cut then form into a cube and deep fry for your pleasure!

BBQ Pete's

Offering up some of the tastiest barbecue and comfort food you need to dedicate a meal here, get bbq ribs, chicken, pork, if you can barbecue it you'll find it here. If you're trying to eat on the go I'll suggest grabbing an ear of corn to take with you. Their Bbq corn is unrivaled.

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