Kitty loves protein drinks. Actually, she loves the cap that comes on top of the protein drinks. We don't know why. Other than, she is Kitty.

We purchased a couple of NOT cheap cat toys as she is an "inside" cat and needs some stimulation. We got vibrating balls that light up, runners, jingly thingies, tassles, hangy thingies (can you tell I am NOT up on my cat toy lingo?) and Kitty showed little to no interest.

We were kinda puzzled cause she was more intersted in wrappers from candy bars, snack foods and the like. She would pull them outta the garbage and bat them around wide eyed like she was on 15 cups of coffee. We kinda accepted that she was more "street" than "sophisticated" , in so that she prefers getting in the garbage to play with than over Petsmart toys.

Ok, fine. I am a bit unconventional too. I get it.

One morning I got up and heard a noise in the kitchen. It sounded like miniature hockey puck being tossed around the floor. I walked in and there Kitty was going HAM on a plastic cap from one of my protein drinks. She was playing hockey, solo.

And she was gettin' it. Batting it around like she was going for a Stanley Cup victory.

I enjoyed watching her for a bit while sipping my coffee. I then decidded to pick it up and throw it to see what happened. After tossing it, Kitty shot me a look of disbelief, she took off after it and batted it around for a bit. I then got up and threw it again. She chased it like a dog chasing a frisbie.

So, I cracked open another one. Threw the another cap on the floor. Kitty saw it. "Wait, there are two now?!?"


She batted both of them around for about 15 minutes, then picked one of them up with her mouth, went to her Cat Condo and sat with her new friend "The Red Cap" and proceeded to take a nap.

Yep, Kitty is in the right house - she's a little but street, a little unconventional and a whole lot of fun.

All My Best,

The JimShow