Dogs are man's best friends, being your best friend you wanna feed em like one. However it can be dangerous to feed them off your plate, dogs have so many allergies and bad reactions to multiple foods.

Onions, grapes, chocolate, corn, avocado even cooked bones could get your furry best friend sick or even worse kill them. Instead, treat them to some gourmet treats around the Yakima Valley.

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Pet Pantry in Yakima

Pet pantry does much more than just make gourmet dog treats, they also specialize in foods for dogs and cats with health issues, a do-it-yourself dog bathing station, toys, and rawhide food. You can talk to any one of the clerks and set up the best possible diet for your furry family member.

EarthWise Pet Supply

Looking for a tasty treat or some new toys these guys know how to do it. With Blueberry biscuits for your doggo and a whole lot more. Rawhide treats and food that will leave your pup with a whole new lease on life.


Even tho this is a nationwide chain the pet specialist at Petco can help you find everything you need, they even carry special dog ice cream, beers, and cakes. That's right there's such thing as dog beer. There may not be any alcohol content but you can still kick back and crack open a cold one with your best friend.


Another national chain but one that knows how to put a very happy smile on your best friend's face. By best friend I do mean your dog and not Jacob, I don't think Jacob would be into dog biscuits. However Bambam may love whatever you pick up, frosted treats, rawhide, and a whole lot more, it's always worth stopping by to check it out.

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