Gunner and I were having a hard time this year deciding and agreeing on what we were going to be for Halloween! Last year Halloween came right when I started working here, so we didn't really put a lot of thought into matching outfits. We just grabbed what worked and went with it. But this year we wanted to match -- so we left the decision-making up to you!

We gave you the options of:

  • "Toy Story 4"
  • "Aladdin"
  • "Frozen 2"
  • "IT: Chapter 2"
  • "Joker"
  • "The Lion King"

The results were SO close! In fact, it was so close that the winner won by only two votes. And that winner is ... drum roll please:

"TOY STORY 4!" We will be sticking to our word and dressing up as characters from this movie. Gunner will be Woody and I ... have yet to decide!

"Aladdin" came in a close second with 24% of the vote followed by "Frozen 2" with 16%.

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