A website called eZCater put together a list, which was later published on BuzzFeed, of what they say is the sandwich staple for each U.S. state.

There are obvious picks in there like Philly cheesesteak for Philadelphia and lobster rolls for Maine.

And there are some I'd LOVE to try. Like the fried bologna sandwich in Arkansas, the burnt ends sandwich in Kansas and the juicy Lucy in Minnesota.

So what is the sandwich staple for Washington state? The banh mi. What the heck is that? I've never tasted one, let alone heard of it. Apparently it's a Vietnamese sandwich.

According to the website ASpicyPerspective; "Banh Mi is the term for a Vietnamese baguette made with a combination of wheat and rice flours. A Vietnamese Banh Mi Sandwich is stuffed with various marinated meats, cucumbers, herbs, and pickled veggies. ... The marinated meats and the pickled veggies are the standout items on this sandwich."

Not sure I'd agree with THAT being the sandwich staple for Washington. How about a Miner burger as the staple? That'd make more sense.

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