It's bound to happen. You are on a date in a restaurant somewhere and you or your date thinks, "I'll have the most expensive thing on the menu!" Well, maybe once you look over this list you will save up your coins and treat yourself or someone special to one of the most expensive restaurant meals in Yakima!

Top 4 Most Expensive Meals in Yakima (1)
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Typically, a steak dinner is going to be the most expensive meal you will find in a Yakima restaurant but what if you don't eat steak (like me)? Check out the list below of the most expensive menu items from several fine dining restaurants in town and get some deliciously tempting ideas.

Crafted's Wood-Fired Ribeye: Grilled Peach Chimichurri: $34

22 N 1st St

The menu changes frequently at Crafted so you might not ever have the same meal twice!

WaterFire's 12 OZ. RIB-EYE: $45

4000 Creekside Loop

One unique thing about WaterFire is that they always incorporate Pacific Northwest foods and flavors into their meals!

Yakima Steak Company's Prime Rib with Creamy or Raw Horseradish & Au Jus - 24 oz.: $68

221 W Yakima Ave #3405

Yakima Steak Company just brought in a new chef so the menu and taste of dishes have been upgraded! It's a win-win for everyone.

Birchfield Manor's Full, prix fixe dinner: ranges from $49.99 to $64.99

2018 Birchfield Rd

The Manor is a bed and breakfast as well as one of Yakima's finest dining places in town! You don't have to dress fancy to eat here either. It's a unique place for a romantic dinner.


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