Washington is known for its rain and cold weather, but real Washingtonians know just how hot it really gets. Sometimes the best way to beat the heat is an air conditioner or a whole bunch of fans around the house.

However, if you're really looking to cool off Washington has some phenomenal beaches with gorgeous views and amazing water to go take a dip in. Here's a top 5 list of the best beaches in Washington.

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5.) Alkai Beach

Located in Seattle this is one of the more infamous beaches in the pacific northwest. The best part about this beach is taking a day to explore the city and then hitting the beach to cool off, while you're there you may wanna try some of the amazing fish and chips from Alkai Spud Fish & Chips.

4.) Owen Beach, Point Defiance Park

Beating the heat on a hot day is so much better on a beach, especially one with such a gorgeous view. It's in the northwest part of Tacoma where you can look out across the water and see Mt.Rainer glowing on a beautiful day. With plenty of places to go grab a bite to eat or find something fun to do you can top it off with a stop at the beach.

3.) Rialto Beach, Olympic National Park

This beach has a rugged rocky beach but it fits right in with its gorgeous landscape, if you're a photographer or influencer this is an amazing place to snap pictures and selfies with postcard-like scenery. It's also a pretty great place to take a swim, just make sure you bring some swim shoes.

2.) Pacific Beach State Park

You can find this beach in Grays Harbor Washington at the Pacific Beach State Park. It's near the central Washington coastline with many different beach accesses this is the one that will allow you to really get the full view of the ocean. With sandy beaches and gorgeous water, it's a perfect spot for the summer.

1.) Ocean Shores

Ocean Shores is a gorgeous little town dedicated to tourists visiting. This small-town vibe also brings ocean living, with amazing restaurants, and gorgeous hotels overlooking the ocean itself. They have so much to offer with flying kites, horseback riding, and moped rentals and that's just scratching the surface.


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