Stay indoors and close your windows, the deadliest creature in the world is already rampant in Washington state as well as our friends in Oregon and California.

Naturally, I'm talking about mosquitoes.


Don't laugh; mosquitoes suck.


Not only are they poking you to drain your blood but in that process they can spread disease including malaria which kills 750,000 - a million people each year.

And that's just for starters.

No doubt you've also heard of Zika and West Nile virus which are no joke. In fact, there have been reports of West Nile-carrying mosquitoes in Yakima recently.

We were outside and not even for very long before some local mosquitoes decided to feast upon us. I got away with only a couple of bites but the worst was my middle child who, after counting and double-checking, was attacked 24 times within the hour or so we were outside.

And they never felt a thing until it was too late.

They're sneaky like that.

There are way to help prevent getting bit by a mosquito that include things like wearing long sleeves and heavier clothing as mosquitoes can still bite through thin clothes, but that's not fun to wear if you're camping or at the lake or something. EPA-registered repellent seems to do wonders and, of course, avoid the outside if you can. If you are camping, they do make mosquito nets that definitely help.

With 110 trillion mosquitoes in the world, which outnumbers our 7.8 billion humans about 16,000 mosquitoes for each person, there's plenty reasons to do our best to not let the mosquitoes feed on us.

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