Imagine if every weekend was a 3-day weekend. Well, if you're a government employee in this area of Washington State, that dreams is about to be a reality.

Grow up, get a good job, get married, have children. This is the American Dream and a reality for many. You slave away for 8 hours a day, 40 hours a week, living for the weekend so you can spend quality time with loved ones only to reset and do it all over again week in, week out, until retirement.

unsplash, Trevor Vannoy
unsplash, Trevor Vannoy

Or, today's standards, you may never retire. You just keep going until you physically can't.
And once that happens you wonder whatever happened to all that time you could have spent with friends and family to realize you were working to support living with friends and family. It can sound brutal.

There's a place in Washington State that's had enough and have done something as simple as shave off a little of that work time to spend as an effort to increase productivities while you're actually at work. Something as simple as removing a day from the work week can do you a world of good.

San Juan County has mostly taken part of the 32-hour work week. This counts for the towns like San Juan, Orcas, Lopez, and Shaw

unsplash, Ryan Stone
unsplash, Ryan Stone

Are people excited about it? I'd say they are!

Mandi Thomas writes on Facebook:

San Juan county just adopted a 32 hour work week ! With no change in pay .
Reason - they want the health and well being of their employees to be better, in turn they are hopeful that the extra time will give employees extra energy and go get ‘em to better equip them to do their jobs !
Wow an employer who wants the well being of their employees to be good and an employer who understands that healthy and happy employees will generate an all around better team !
Huh ya don’t say !

According to the Seattle Times, this was something voted unanimously to approve.

This accounts for the government workers which may not be new to some private employers but to see government officials doing this, too, shows hope for other residents in other counties. Not very many people in this area, maybe about 18,000 for population, but it's a start.

And this doesn't account for everyone. Sheriff's office and managers aren't included.

Here's hoping more and more counties do this.

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