Thomas Rhett celebrated two No. 1 singles on Monday (Feb. 22). The "T-Shirt" singer and the songwriters behind his two most recent chart-toppers gathered in Nashville to reflect on how "Crash and Burn" and "Die a Happy Man" were written, and what it was like to watch the singer make them into hits.

Rhett also talked plenty about his wife Lauren, his fitness regimen, his SnapChat game and what it took to get "Crash and Burn" out of Chris Stapleton's hands and into his. The song was the first single from his new Tangled Up album, but it was a very intimidating song to record.

Below are six things Rhett, Jesse Frasure, Sean Douglas and Joe London (co-writers of Jason Derulo's "Wiggle") shared about the last year of the 25-year-old's life and career. Rhett will head out on tour with Jason Aldean later this month, and also visit Europe in March.

Recording “Crash and Burn” was terrifying.

Chris Stapleton wrote "Crash and Burn" with Jesse Frasure years ago and cut a demo because he was considering it for his own record. Rhett — a longtime friend and writing partner of Stapleton's — heard the song and flipped out. "I was like, ‘This isn’t the sad country song-singing Chris Stapleton that I’ve been listening to for five years. This is crazy! What is this?’"

So he texted Stapleton and said he loved the song, adding that if it didn't work for Stapleton's album, he'd take it. Several months later Stapleton told him to do it, which presented a new set of problems.

“At that point it set in. ‘Now I have it, how in the world am I going to pull it off?'" Rhett recalls. “Chris singing a demo is the most terrifying thing for an artist to go in and try to recreate and make your own.”

With the song came Frasure as a co-producer. Rhett admits he'd not heard of him until hearing that song.

Dierks Bentley owes him $10!

You may have seen the story about Rhett helping Dierks Bentley out at Kroger after the "Somewhere on a Beach" singer forgot his wallet. Rhett filled in a few details at his party, admitting that Dierks called him back to the store upon realizing he didn't have money to buy ginger beer.

“I think he thought I was just gonna give him $10 in cash, but I didn’t have any cash," Rhett recalls. "So I had to pull up beside Kroger and walk Dierks into Kroger, it was like I was his dad buying him lunch at school.”

It's been a month and Bentley hasn't paid him back, but Rhett isn't worried, saying: "He will one day."

The Nelly cover was a shock.

Rhett called the hip-hop star his sixth-grade hero and admitted he had no idea there was going to be a cover of "Die a Happy Man" until he saw the song premiere. Nelly's version of "Die a Happy Man" stays true to the song Rhett wrote with Douglas and London, and the country singer loves it. We know what you're thinking: collaboration, right?

Umm, no.

“It might feel a little bit strange collaborating on a song I wrote about my wife, with Nelly," Rhett decalres.

Blame Brett for TR's snappy ways.

Fans love watching Thomas and wife Lauren on SnapChat, and the singer admits he's loving it too. Prior to his tour with Brett Eldredge, Rhett had no use for the most disposable of all social medium. Now, he's kind of addicted.

“You can only really post so many Instagrams a day, but you can literally snap a thousand things a day," Rhett says, smiling. If you're wondering, none of his snaps are planned in advance.

"T-Shirt" could have made his first album, if it wasn't for Tim McGraw.

Blame McGraw for not letting Rhett put the funky new single on It Goes Like This. Rhett says the song has been one of wife Lauren's favorites for years — it's one she'll turn up and dance to. The problem was that someone else loved it too.

Tim McGraw actually had it on hold for a long time, so I couldn’t put it on my first record,” Rhett says. “Once he let it go I latched that thing down.”

The "Crash and Burn" co-writers are country's ultimate odd couple.

Jesse Frasure is from Detroit and into hip-hop and EDM. Stapleton is from Kentucky and into traditional country soul. The two men's significant others are friends, and they thought it'd be funny if they wrote together. So they did, and the results have been awesome. In fact, Frasure and Stapleton have teamed up for several co-writes.

“We write sad songs for dance floors," Frasure jokes. With wife Lauren inspiring "Die a Happy Man" and two ladies setting up the "Crash and Burn" co-write, one can rightly assume there was plenty of love for the women at this No. 1 party.

Thomas Rhett Explains How His Wife Shaped His New Album

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