Thursday was National Read-a-Book Day. But according to a new survey, 17% of Americans read ZERO books a year, and another 47% read between one and five.

I used to NEVER read books.  I just didn't have the time to sit down, be still, and focus on something non-work related.  But thank goodness for Audible!  I can listen to books while I'm at the gym.  Ever since I discovered the app, I've been 'reading' books... at least one a month!

It's so easy to do during the hour (or so) I spend at the gym every other day.

Have you ever heard this phrase? "What do all successful people have in common?They all read books regularly".  Maybe I'm drinking the kool-aid, but I believe it.

If you've been wanting to read books, but just haven't been able to find the time, give Audible a try.  This isn't an ad.  Just a tip that has helped me out A LOT:)


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