It's no secret we're in the year 2022, everything is at the end of our fingertips with a push of a button. You can download hundreds of thousands of books at any time. However, some still love going out and finding physical copies of their favorite books.

Whether you have a home library or just starting out, we found some great local book shops you can support locally. Local shops are quickly becoming a thing of the past, so the more we support them now the more likely they are to stick around. Check out the great shops we found below.

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4.) Ron's Coins and Collectibles 

If you're hunting for something rare when it comes to books you'll wanna check out this store. Ron's Coins and Collectibles carries a wide variety of books, comics, collectibles, and more worth checking out.

3.) Churchill's Booklover's Haunt

Churchill's Bookstar is an old-school style book store with a little bit of everything all in one. Looking for a love story they have it, murder mystery you'll find it here, a biography for sure the place to look. Basically what we're saying is anyone can find something to add to their collection here.

2.) Inklings Books

Inklings Books carries absolutely everything from old to new, this family-friendly book shop is loved by locals and constantly updating its library of books. That being said, no it's not a library but they are willing to help you find a book to call yours.

1.) Encore Books

Central Washingtons Largest used booksellers and buyers are right here in the Yakima Valley, that's right Encore Books. This is a family-owned local store, they've been operating in the Yakima Valley for 30 years and in the same location since 2002. They have a wide variety of books for kids to adults and a little bit of something for everyone, definitely worth checking out.

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