It’s gonna be one of the most watched events in 2020. Some of you will be mad. Others will cheer. What unites us all? Drinks! While watching tonight’s debate, why not make it tolerable with the Unofficial Debate Drinking Game!

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Check out the list below.


Take One Drink Anytime President Trump Says…

“Yuge” or “tremendous”

“China” or “jina”

“China Flu” or “Kung Flu”

“Fake News”


“Excuse Me”

Talks about his admiration for any totalitarian world leader

Complains about mysterious voter fraud

Brags about the economy

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Take A Drink Anytime Joe Biden Says:


References the middle class

Starts a sentence with “look”

“C’Mon MAN!”

Or, “What are we doing?!?”

Tells a story about some “average Joe” worker he met on the campaign trail that could easily be fabricated

Claims he’s going to end systemic racism and fails to explain how

Get’s confused or gaffs

Laughs at his own joke

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If Either Pres Trump of  Biden Say:

“The United States of America”

Says something inappropriate

Loses their place mid-sentence and completely changes direction

Lobs a direct insult at the other

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David Silverman, Getty Images

Chug Drink When Either:

Biden uses Obama’s record as evidence of his own capabilities as a leader

You can no longer follow what Trump is arguing

Mention the word "taxes"

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When Either Say:






Something incoherent

Anything creepy about women

“Jill and I”



Supreme Court

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Time to Get Interactive

If either candidate thanks Chris Wallace to start the debate… take one drink and thank everyone in the room who’s also participating in tonight’s drinking game.

If Trump is wearing a red tie, everyone drinks. If Biden is wearing a blue tie, everyone drinks.

If Trump says he’s the biggest, best, greatest, and most incredible at something, call a random number in your phone and tell that person what you’re the greatest at, hang up, then take a drink.

Whenever someone mentions “pandemic”, “Fauci”, “COVID”, “virus”, “vaccine”, “unprecedented”, or “new normal”, stop drinking and put on a mask until another one of those words is said, at which point you can take off your mask and take a drink.

If either candidate says something incoherent, take a drink.

If Trump mentions Biden’s basement, DRINK

If either candidate references Russia take a shot of vodka and yell “WOLVERINES!!” (Red Dawn Joke)

If Trump says “socialism,” have a friend hand you a drink.

The first time Hillary Clinton’s name comes up… write an email to your Representative in Congress and tell them to drink

If Trump references Big Ten football, shotgun your beer.

If RBG is mentioned, do three push-ups in her honor then take a drink.

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Take A Drink Anytime Moderator Chris Wallace…

Says “Gentlemen Please!”

Tries to stop a candidate from speaking but fails

Says “the economy”

Takes his glasses off

Makes the audience laugh

Asks the “audience” not to clap




We hope this make it a little more bearable to watch this event. Thanks for playing!


All My Best,

The JimShow

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